Corporate Partners and Sabre Sponsorships

We would like to thank all of our current Sabre Sponsorship.  Without their help, we wouldn’t be able to inspire hundreds of student-athletes each year.  Please consider doing business with all of these organizations in the future.


(920) 923-1440

(920) 921-4000



For group reservations,
please contact:

Amy Sternat
(920) 322-8204


Join the Team!

Take advantage of the wealth of marketing opportunities available through corporate sponsorships with Marian Athletics! Join The Sabre Team and support over 250 student-athletes while receiving tremendous advertising and sponsor benefits.  As a corporate sponsor, your affiliation provides a wide range of opportunities to develop brand awareness and loyalty, and enhance your company's exposure to targeted groups.


Why choose Sabre Sponsorships?

  • Join a local, community friendly organization that is committed to providing an excellent student-athlete experience to hundreds of young adults
  • By choosing Sabre Sponsorships, you will receive top-quality customer service and attention that your company deserves when selecting an organization to partner with in the future
  • Marian University Athletics is committed to activation your sponsorship to help your business grow throughout the community and surrounding area
  • We are willing to listen to YOUR needs and develop a personalized sponsorship package to those desires to help your business succeed and much more…

Tailored Packages
A corporate sponsorship package is a compilation of creative ideas that you, the partner, and the athletic staff jointly develop. All advertising and sponsorship programs are tailored to the needs of each sponsor in order to maximize objectives.


Corporate Sponsorship Pricing
The Sabre Athletic staff emphasizes flexibility when coordinating a sponsorship package. The values of each element within the package are consistent with the values offered to all other prospective or current sponsors. Payment schedules are flexible and contents of all contracts are negotiable.


If your business interested in a tax deductible Sabre Club membership, click here.  To see any example of an athletic promotional schedule, click here.

Please contact Sarah Angelos by email or phone at (920) 923-8639 with any questions or concerns.