NACC releases scholar-athlete honorees

NACC Scholar-Athlete graphic.

MILWAUKEE - The Northern Athletics Collegiate Conference (NACC) has announced that a total of over 1,500 student-athletes have been named scholar-athletes for the 2018-19 academic year.

Marian had a total of 93 student-athletes earn the award, which requires a 3.25 grade point average for the entirety of the 2018-19 academic year.  This marks the third-consecutive year Marian athletics has had at least 90 student-athletes earn scholar-athlete status from the NACC.

The full release from the conference office can be found at

First Name Last Name Sport
Alicia Balken Women's Soccer
Nick Bastien Baseball
Meghan Batzner Women's Soccer
Alex Behr Baseball
Drew Blomberg Men's Basketball
Jordan Bock Baseball
Nicole Buckley Women's Volleyball
Erin Butzke Women's Soccer
Kenji Callahan
Men's Volleyball / Men's Tennis
Kyle Carignan Men's Tennis
Sydney Clark Women's Golf
Shannon Coughlin Women's Soccer
Celeste Degeneffe Women's Tennis
Josh Ditter Baseball
Joey Dittman
Men's Volleyball / Men's Tennis
Nick Dugandzic Baseball
Maxwell Dye Men's Golf
Danielle Flouro Women's Soccer
Ally Fox Softball
Jaryd Gano Men's Golf
Kira Hall-Risor Softball
Logan Hamilton Men's Basketball
Meg Hartzell Women's Tennis
Charity Hertel Women's Soccer
Emily Hill Women's Soccer
Brianna Horton Women's Basketball
Noah Imrie Baseball
McKenna Jensen Women's Volleyball
Morgan Johnson Women's Basketball
Marcus Kadinger Men's Basketball
Kaitlyn Kelley Women's Volleyball
Mati Kissack Women's Tennis
Cade Klusendorf Men's Soccer
Cory Koehler Men's Soccer
Andrea Kubicek Women's Volleyball
Kylie Lange Women's Soccer
Meghan Laning Women's Volleyball
Taylor Lauscher Softball
Emma Lewandowski Women's Tennis
Cullen Liberski Men's Volleyball
Peyton Loesch Softball
Bryce Lovisa Baseball
Alexis MacDonald Women's Soccer
Lawson MacDonald Men's Tennis
Molly Magnus Women's Basketball
Garrett Martin Baseball
James Mathias Men's Golf
Taylor McKinney Softball
Alexandra Meidl Women's Volleyball
Rachel Mereness Softball
Sarah Mereness Women's Tennis
Mackenzie Meyers Women's Tennis
Jenna Moehn
Women's Volleyball / Women's Basketball
Kylar Narance Men's Soccer
Chris Nelson Men's Soccer
Matt Nordlund Baseball
Drew Nuanes Baseball
Brenda Ordonez
Women's Tennis / Track and Field
Natalie Orre Women's Volleyball
Coy Paulson Men's Tennis
Will Polczynski Men's Basketball
Karissa Preston Women's Soccer
LeeAnna Radick Softball
A.J. Rambaud Men's Golf
Gabrielle Ramczyk
Women's Track and Field
Hannah Rauhut Softball
Paige Rauhut Softball
Shana Risby Women's Basketball
Danny Roe Men's Tennis
Nathaniel Sampson
Men's Cross Country / Track and Field
Aaron Schauer Baseball
Carley Schmit Women's Soccer
Jayna Schmittinger Women's Soccer
Hunter Schultz Men's Basketball
Myranda Schuttenhelm Softball
Matt Shaw Men's Basketball
Jake Sherwood Men's Golf
Travis Slywka Baseball
Jon Smallpage Men's Volleyball
Michael Snow Baseball
Rachel Soch Softball
Lindsey Strainis Softball
Bryce Urbanek Baseball
Kenzie Waechter Softball
Ben Walter Men's Volleyball
Hannah Walther Women's Volleyball
Ryan Weber Baseball
Melanie Weigel Softball
Brock Weston Men's Volleyball
Tayler Wise Women's Golf
Jenna Wojahn Women's Soccer
Amber Yahr Women's Volleyball
Alyssa Zuhlke
Women's Cross Country / Track and Field